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I am a Director of Phography who owns his own Red Cameras and a lighting and grip package suitable for most low-to-no budget films (£1.5m or less). I’m a storyteller who concentrates on the pictures – but it is the story that draws me in and gets me excited. I focus mostly on long-form drama, so I like to get involved in understanding the story, the themes and the character arcs to be explored and how they are going to be brought to the screen.  

I feel I work best when I work with a director to find out what drives them to tell their story and try to amplify that through the cinematography. I’m also keen to collaborate with writer/directors and help shape their stories with my input even at the script stage.

I work mainly in London and have a place to stay there, but I live in Bath and will happliy travel wherever the film requires.  I grew up in Toronto, Canada, and I am both a UK and Canadian citizen.


I have purchased a Red Epic X and Red One MX digital cinema cameras to ensure that the images that I produce are of a quality suitible for cinematic exhibition. I also own a few other cameras including a Canon C300 and 5D MK II. I own a lighting package suitable for most low-to-no budget independent feature films. I have more than 50 lights ranging from Dedolights to 10K Tungsten lamps and everything in between in both HMI, tungsten and Kinoflo. 

I have enough equipment to shoot a low budget feature for most standard setups. I’m always interested in collaborating with filmmakers on personal projects, so please get in touch if you think we might be able to work together.

I can work to almost any budget, so please feel free to contact me and discuss your requirements.

Please Note: I don’t rent out my equipment on a dry hire basis – only when I am the DoP

Information on My Equipment

Thanks and I hope to hear from you.



Contact Information

+44 (0) 7767 634264

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