About Me

I have become a DoP in a rather circuitous way. After graduating from Dartmouth College in the USA with a degree in computer science, I became a professional actor and soccer player.  Soccer was great fun, but not really a career in Canada at that time.  On my first film, I knew I needed to be behind the camera. Since then, it’s been a long journey that started as a runner and took me through working my way up the the camera assisting route in Toronto, Canada before becoming a photographer in London.

In photography, I started out in still life and food photography, where I worked with the National Magazine company and other publications shooting still life and editorial food with my biggest shoot being the Guinness Ad for St Patricks Day. I also shot a vegetarian cook book, Vegetarian Express, before moving into fashion, where I shot for magazines like NyLon, Commons and Sense, Spoon Men and also enjoyed working young London-based designers shooting their look-books. Still life taught me a lot about lighting things and fashion taught me a lot about lighting people. Photography was a lot of fun, but it didn’t have the same buzz that I got from being on set and telling stories.

After making that decision to go back into cinematography, I decided that I would purchase a camera and some lighting and grip equipment and set up as a fully-equipped camera-driven production facility. I now own an Red Epic X, Red One MX and Red One – as well as a Canon 5d Mk II and some other cameras.

I also own a large package of HMI, KinoFlo and tunsten lighting equipment – over 50 lights and more than enough to film most any film I would want to shoot.  I also own a steadicam, dolly, jib arm and track to allow me to move the camera around as needed.

I’m always interested in collaborating with filmmakers on personal projects, so please get in touch if you think we might be able to work together.

I can work to almost any budget, so please feel free to contact me and discuss your requirements.

I hope you like the site.

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